Cake.Frosting.Issues.Recipe Namespace

Interface Types

Interface Summary
IIssuesBuildServer Description of a build server implementation.
IIssuesPullRequestSystem Description of a pull request system implementation.
IRepositoryInfoProvider Description of a provider to retrieve repository information.

Class Types

Class Summary
CakeGitRepositoryInfoProvider Provider to retrieve repository information using Cake.Git addin.
CliRepositoryInfoProvider Provider to retrieve repository information using Git CLI.
CreateFullIssuesReportTask Creates issue report.
CreateSummaryIssuesReportTask Creates a summary issue report.
IssuesContext Parameters and state for the build run.
IssuesParameters Class for configuring the script.
IssuesParametersBuildServer Parameters for build server integration.
IssuesParametersInputFiles Parameters for passing input files.
IssuesParametersPullRequestSystem Parameters for pull request integration.
IssuesParametersReporting Parameters for reporting.
IssuesState Mutable state of the build run.
IssuesTask Main task for issue management integration.
PublishIssuesArtifactsTask Publish issue artifacts to build server.
ReadIssuesTask Reads issues from the provided log files.
ReportIssuesToBuildServerTask Report issues to build server.
ReportIssuesToPullRequestTask Report issues to build server.
RepositoryInfoProviderType Supported ways to read repository information.
SetPullRequestIssuesStateTask Set pull request status.