IIssuesBuildServer Interface


Description of a build server implementation.
graph BT Type["IIssuesBuildServer"] class Type type-node


public interface IIssuesBuildServer


Name Value Summary
CreateSummaryIssuesReport(IIssuesContext, string) void
Creates a summary report of the issues.
DetermineCommitId(IIssuesContext, DirectoryPath) string
Determines the SHA ID of the current commit.
DetermineIfPullRequest(IIssuesContext) bool
Determines whether the build is for a pull request.
DeterminePullRequestId(IIssuesContext) Nullable<int>
Determines ID of the pull request.
DetermineRepositoryRemoteUrl(IIssuesContext, DirectoryPath) Uri
Determines the repository remote url.
PublishIssuesArtifacts(IIssuesContext) void
Publishes issues report as artifact to the build system.
ReportIssuesToBuildServer(IIssuesContext) void
Reports issues to the build server.

Extension Methods

Name Value Summary
NotNull<IIssuesBuildServer>(string) void
Throws an exception if the specified parameter's value is null.