PullRequestDiscussionThread Class


Base class for a collection of pull request comments relating to each other.
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public class PullRequestDiscussionThread : IPullRequestDiscussionThread



Name Value Summary
AffectedFileRelativePath FilePath
Gets or sets the path to the file where the message should be posted. The path needs to be relative to the repository root. Can be null if discussion is not related to a change in a file.
CommentIdentifier string
Gets or sets the value to identify the comment across multiple runs.
Comments IList<IPullRequestDiscussionComment>
Gets all the comments of this thread.
CommentSource string
Gets or sets a value used to decorate comments created by this add-in.
Id int
Gets or sets the ID of the discussion thread.
ProviderType string
Gets or sets a the provider type which reported the issue. This value is used to identify the comment in subsequent runs.
Resolution PullRequestDiscussionResolution
Gets or sets the resolution of the thread if Status is Resolved.
Status PullRequestDiscussionStatus
Gets or sets if the thread is active or already fixed.

Extension Methods

Name Value Summary
NotNull<PullRequestDiscussionThread>(string) void
Throws an exception if the specified parameter's value is null.