FakeIssueProvider Class


Implementation of a BaseIssueProvider for use in test cases.
graph BT Type-->Base0["BaseIssueProvider"] click Base0 "/api/Cake.Issues/BaseIssueProvider" Base0-->Base1["BaseIssueComponent<IReadIssuesSettings>"] Base1-->Base2["Object"] Type-.->Interface0["IIssueProvider"] click Interface0 "/api/Cake.Issues/IIssueProvider" Type-.->Interface1["IBaseIssueComponent<IReadIssuesSettings>"] Type["FakeIssueProvider"] class Type type-node


public class FakeIssueProvider : BaseIssueProvider, IIssueProvider, 


Name Summary
FakeIssueProvider(ICakeLog) Initializes a new instance of the FakeIssueProvider class.
FakeIssueProvider(ICakeLog, IEnumerable<IIssue>) Initializes a new instance of the FakeIssueProvider class.


Name Value Summary
Log ICakeLog
Gets the Cake log instance.
ProviderName string
Gets the human friendly name of the issue provider.
ProviderType string
Gets the type of the issue provider.
Inherited from BaseIssueProvider
Settings IRepositorySettings
Gets the settings.


Name Value Summary
InternalReadIssues() IEnumerable<IIssue>
Gets all issues. Compared to ReadIssues() it is safe to access Settings from this method.
ReadIssues() IEnumerable<IIssue>
Gets all issues.
Inherited from BaseIssueProvider

Extension Methods

Name Value Summary
NotNull<FakeIssueProvider>(string) void
Throws an exception if the specified parameter's value is null.