Cake Issues MsBuild v0.9.1 Released

Tuesday, October 20, 2020
Release Notes

Version 0.9.1 of MsBuild support for Cake.Issues has been released. This is a minor release containing improvements.

This post shows the highlights included in this release. For update instructions skip to Updating from previous versions.

❤ Huge thanks to our community! This release would not have been possible without your support and contributions! ❤

People working on this release:

Support for reading of errors

Until now MsBuild support did read warnings from MsBuild log files. Starting with version 0.9.1 it will also return errors. Reading of errors has been implemented for MsBuildBinaryLogFileFormat and MsBuildXmlFileLoggerFormat. For errors IIssue.Priority will be set to IssuePriority.Error.

To keep previous behavior result after reading the issues can be filtered for IIssue.Priority == IIssuePriority.Warning.

Updating from previous versions

Cake.Issues.MsBuild 0.9.1 is compatible with version 0.9.0 without any breaking changes. To update to the new version bump the version of the addin.