The Cake Issues addins for Cake allows you to read issues from any analyzer or linter, create reports or write issues to comments in pull requests.

Recipe Functionality

See Supported Tools for a list of tools supported by Cake.Issues.Recipe.

Supported Core Functionality

The core addins provide a modular architecture, allowing to easily enhance it for supporting additional analyzers, linters, report formats and code review systems.


Addin for creating and reading issues providing the following functionality:

  • NewIssue alias for creating issues in the build script.
  • ReadIssues aliases for reading issues from an issue provider.
  • Support for reading issues from multiple issue providers.
  • Support for reading issues in multiple formats (Plain text, Markdown, HTML) if supported by issue provider.
  • Support for creating links to file & location on source code hosting system (GitHub, Azure Repos, etc).
  • Support for passing additional run information to identify specific runs.


Addin for creating reports providing the following functionality:

  • CreateIssueReport aliases for creating reports about issues.
  • Support for creating reports with issues from multiple issue providers.


Addin for writing issues as comments to pull requests providing the following functionality:

Concrete pull request systems can implement optional capabilities which will provide the following functionality:

Supported Issue Providers

See Issue Provider Addins for a list of currently supported analyzers and linters.

Supported Report Formats

See Report Format Addins for a list of currently supported report output formats.

Supported Pull Request Systems

See Pull Request System Addins for a list of currently supported pull request systems.