Using Cake.Issues.Recipe

The Cake.Issues.Recipe package can be used to easily add issue management functionality to your build script.

Add Cake.Issues.Recipe to your build script

To use Cake.Issues.Recipe in your build script you need to first load the NuGet package:

#load nuget:package=Cake.Issues.Recipe

Please note that you always should pin NuGet packages to a specific version to make sure your builds are deterministic and won't break due to updates to Cake.Issues.Recipe.

See pinning addin versions for details.

Configuring Cake.Issues.Recipe

To make issues available to Cake.Issues.Recipe you need to set the corresponding configuration parameters.

In the following example a new task is introduced which depends on existing tasks which build a MsBuild solution and run JetBrains InspectCode. It will pass the MsBuild and InspectCode logfile to Cake.Issues.Recipe:

// Run issues task by default.
    .Does(() =>

See configuration for a full list of available configuration parameters.

Calling issues tasks

Cake.Issues.Recipe will add a bunch of tasks to your build script.

To add the issues functionality into your existing build pipeline you can make the Read-Issues task dependent on the task which configures Cake.Issues.Recipe:

// Make sure build and linters run before issues task.

At some point you need to call the tasks provided by Cake.Isses.Recipe. In the following example the Default task calls the main Issues task:

// Run issues task by default.