GitHub pull request integration

This example shows how to write AppVeyor messages created by Cake.Issues to GitHub pull requests.

Issues reported as messages to AppVeyor builds can be written to a GitHub pull request using GitHub Pull Request Notification in your appveyor.yml file.

The following example will write a comment to the GitHub pull request containing all issues which were posted as message to the AppVeyor build:

- provider: GitHubPullRequest
  template: "{{#passed}}:white_check_mark:{{/passed}}{{#failed}}:x:{{/failed}} [Build {{&projectName}} {{buildVersion}} {{status}}]({{buildUrl}}) (commit {{commitUrl}} by @{{&commitAuthorUsername}})<p>Build messages:</p><ul>{{#jobs}}{{#messages}}<li>{{message}}<br/>{{details}}</li>{{/messages}}{{/jobs}}</ul>"

The output will look similar to this:

GitHub pull request integration